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Jason Crowe, a.k.a. “Crowetic” Strikes Again


This is a developing story and will be updated with new details and corrections as they emerge.  

The volatility in Signatum (SIGT) today, maybe the result of another Crowetic scam.   Jason Crowe a.k.a. “Crowetic”.  Jason Crowe has been associated with even shadier figures in the crypto community, namely Adam Guerbuez, who had a judgement issued against him demanding that he pay over $800 million to Facebook for allegedly spamming and scamming Facebook users.  Since then Adam claims to have turned over a new leaf, but who can really trust a money-obsessed guy who used to sell neo-nazi videos depicting the beating of homeless people on the streets?  Regardless of whether you truly believe he has turned over a new leaf, in a video on youtube, Adam confronts Jason Crowe about lies and deception that occurred in effort to manipulate the price of BurstCoin in early 2017.

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Signatum, just another Crypto Currency? Maybe. But it might just have some legs.

I came in too late to the crypto market.  I admit it.  For weeks now I’ve been putting my under-powered mining rig to work, collecting pennies worth of digital coins of various denominations.   At first, I did so mostly aimlessly.  There’s a whole sea of crypto coins out there.  So many that most of them just get utterly lost in the noise.  Clearly I wasn’t going to be able to turn $500 into millions just by parking it in Bitcoin.  Even if bitcoin rose to $300,000/per, I would still only have a mere $50,000.  A nice chunk of change, but not millions.    When I started getting into it, I was totally new to investing in general, and totally new to crypto currencies.   And since I knew I was too late, I had an obsessive desire to identify a coin that might have the potential to be worth something.

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Top Reasons Why “Bitcoin Cash” is just another “shitcoin”.

“BitCoin Cash” is here.   BCC is just another alt-coin in a crowded field of other alt-coins.  It seems like 50 alt-coins pop up every day… so many that websites that dedicate their existence to indexing thousands of them have stopped caring about new ones.

Here are a few reasons why BCC, this ill-planned and weak protest,  might not ever survive.

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2016 USA Presidential Candidates Race to the Bottom

How did we end up with two, completely awful, bone-headed jerks running for President of the United States in 2016?  Is it a testament to how utterly stupid USA has become?  Is it a testament to our anger? Our bigotry? Our complete lack of empathy?  Or is it a system that is designed to be statistically aligned on the 50-yard line, to keep America divided. Continue reading 2016 USA Presidential Candidates Race to the Bottom

9 Things to remember as a Noob 3D Engine Programmer

As a professional computer programmer, I’ve naturally always been fascinated by cutting edge technologies that generate 3D worlds from geometry.  In reality, however, the vast, vast majority of professionals in this business don’t ever get the opportunity to work in 3D. Over 50% of computer programmers are stuck building databases that amount to nothing more than designing forms for companies to fill out, while the minority of programmers actually get to do “real work” and most of that work doesn’t dive into 3D imaging or graphics. Furthermore, 3D-programming is demanding and changing constantly, historically making it only feasible to conquer if you are one of those few people who were fortunate enough to program full-time-3D on someone else’s dime. True reality is that you would probably need a whole team of people, including mathematicians, artists, and even building architects, to stay at the head of the pack. Continue reading 9 Things to remember as a Noob 3D Engine Programmer