Jason Crowe, a.k.a. “Crowetic” Strikes Again


This is a developing story and will be updated with new details and corrections as they emerge.  

The volatility in Signatum (SIGT) today, maybe the result of another Crowetic scam.   Jason Crowe a.k.a. “Crowetic”.  Jason Crowe has been associated with even shadier figures in the crypto community, namely Adam Guerbuez, who had a judgement issued against him demanding that he pay over $800 million to Facebook for allegedly spamming and scamming Facebook users.  Since then Adam claims to have turned over a new leaf, but who can really trust a money-obsessed guy who used to sell neo-nazi videos depicting the beating of homeless people on the streets?  Regardless of whether you truly believe he has turned over a new leaf, in a video on youtube, Adam confronts Jason Crowe about lies and deception that occurred in effort to manipulate the price of BurstCoin in early 2017.

Adam also posted a very long video detailing how Crowetic and his gang (maybe just a couple of guys with multiple accounts) sounded alarm bells that the BurstCoin wallet app was actually a trojan/botnet that was stealing all their coins and sending them away.  They went so far as to post fake screen shots of virus scanners and transactions showing their coins being sent to online casinos.  Then other accounts chimed in claiming to be experts, confirming various aspects of the  behavior, ultimately causing a frenzy that drove down the price of Burst.

Well it seems that it is possible that Crowetic has struck again, manipulating the price of Signatum (SIGT), a coin that he pumped and championed via unofficial message boards such as Discord (a gamer chat service).  Today SIGT took deep dives then rebounded after going through some drama that is strikingly similar to the events that occured at BurstNation earlier in the year.

SIGT was showing signs of downward price drift over the last few days, and people gathered at the Discord channel to complain.  It wasn’t long after that Crowetic arrived at the message board with some bad news.  I wish I could copy->paste the bad news here, but unfortunately I was banned from the server for speaking the truth and linking to the events that occurred at BurstNation earlier in the year.

Fortunately I was able to get a screen grab from another server once a new SIGT official Discord server was setup.  Apparently the old server was under the control of Jason Crowe, and he changed the name to “Crypto Stuff”.


In the post, a user associated with Crowetic, postures himself as-if he is officially authorized as part of the Signatum team, and claims that the “team” got together and agreed to essentially fire the devs working on SIGT.

This of course raised many questions.  If the Devs had access to the binaries and GitHub, how is he able to fire them?  Who actually controls SIGT?  He then said that the devs dumped their insta-mined coins and went on a long vacation.

Further rumors popped up, including an linked announcement for “Signatum Classic“, which was “released today”.   Yet there were no binary builds, just a Github fork,  some bad graphics and lots of typos.  It claimed to fix problems with SIGT, allow miners to mine longer, and would start over from block 0.  This was extra fuel for the fire to drop the price as everyone panic sold under the belief that the devs went rogue and there was nobody at the helm.

As more and more people started screaming on the Discord chat room, the price tanked. The discord chat room, populated mostly by low-life gamer types, began to become overwhelmed with people attacking Crowetic, with people even posting photoshopped pornographic images featuring Crowetic and his name mixed with scat images.   Memes and messages of doom filled the chat room.   In the middle of it all, I would bet that Crowetic and his gang got their hands on some cheap SIGT at less than $0.03.

I heard warnings about Crowetic before I bought SIGT.  But I also heard messages of calm and respect.   In the end I bought SIGT because I believed that the market cap numbers alone showed potential for growth.  But after the events of today, I decided to dig deeper into his history with BurstCoin and found some interesting stuff that was far too similar to the events of today to ignore.  Like with BurstCoin, Crowetic used his evangelism skills to drive up the price of SIGT,  possibly to the same people who flood the SIGT messageboards on 4Chan and Discord.   It is also possible that once the price was driven up, he decided that it went up too fast and he wanted to drive it down temporarily so he and his cronies could buy more.  Some of the same names were present for the events of today that were present in the Burst scandal, including someone who goes by “Lexicon”, who also posted plenty of BS in the Burst botnet/virus thread.

After digging up this information, I posted it to the Discord chat room and was permanently banned within seconds.

I would stay far, far away from anything this guy tries to sell you…. or at least figure out how to properly ride his waves of BS to your advantage.