About the Author

Jason Nelson’s projects have been featured in Popular Science and PC Magazine.

He began writing computer software at the age of 6, and has been passionate about writing code ever since.  On the side, he enjoys writing, recording, and mixing music and always dreamed of writing music for video games.

He wrote his first fully-functional computer game with VGA graphics and a full SoundBlaster musical soundtrack by the age of 10 with the aid of a MIDI sequencer he built from scratch and his newly acquired skills at writing ASM libraries.

On the playground, he was less known on the kickball field and opting instead to spend recess pouring over printed source-code, scribbling notes in the margins.

In 1995 he began programming professionally, first, falling in love with the Delphi language.  Since then, he has gone on to embedded C, C++, C#, and Unity3D projects and plays with DMX laser system code on the weekends, writing audio engines, video engines, and reinventing the wheel whenever possible, just for the fun of it.