Step by Step Guide: How to install an Ubertooth Bluetooth LE (BLE) Sniffer

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  1. Just don’t even try.  Instead bash your head into a wall repeatedly for 9-hours (more productive)
  2. Write a long blog post about how script kiddies are poisoning the good code of millions of educated coders.
  3. Write another long blog post about how Unix is an overrated, overused piece of shit
  4. Get into a long argument with some old grey-haired dude about the merits of “vi” over modern standard text editors.  Optionally, piss him off by suggesting that you prefer “edlin”
  5. Get into another long argument with another coder who moonlights as a lawyer (specializing in competitive Donkey Kong contract law) regarding the legal significance of choosing “nano” over “pico”.  Optionally piss him off by suggesting that “notepad” is superior to “emacs”
  6. Start over and try again on MacOSX.
  7. Start over and try again on cygwin
  8. Receive Error (-1)
  9. Ask about Error (-1) on some python message board, suggest they translate the code to GWBasic.
  10. Receive error when building spectools

    “./configure: line 410: test: please: integer expression expected”  Maybe they should have tested it (please).  

  11. RTFM (again) and become even more confused
  12. Give up
  13. Write another blog post whining about your failure.