3D Mark’s New Port Royal benchmark demonstrates how far we’ve come, and how far we have yet to go

The new Port Royal benchmark is beautiful, but you really have to have TWO Geforce RTX 2080Ti graphics cards to appreciate it. It is worth noting that the Port Royal benchmark does not run at 4K. I’ve heard reports that it runs at 1440p, but it looks terrible enough that I feel it might even be dialed back to 1080p. On my watercooled. overclocked RTX 2080ti it averages about 35fps. If you force it to run at 4k, it will barely pass 15fps and is totally unwatchable.

This benchmark shows us a glimpse into what the future of computer games might look like, however, it still requires us to use imagination as it proves that the current generation of Geforce RTX 2000 series cards are just not up to the task quite yet. Even if I had spent the $3000 required to get TWO of the best cards on the market, i would still only be achieving ~35fps at 4K for this scene.

We have come a long way, but, clearly, we still have another decade to go before all these graphical goodies will truly come to fruition. I figure we need several generations of graphics cards upgrades to do what developers truly want to do with Raytracing. I figure this:

1) Power needs to double to satisfy 4K customers.
2) Most current games only use raytracing for one effect. Reflections, refractions, shadows, global immumination. The power of these cards probably needs to double 3 more times if games are to take advantage of all 4 of these effects.

That’s 4 generations of graphics cards. Figure an average of 2-2.5 years in between generations… 10 years… approximately.

Hopefully old age doesn’t catch up to me before then. Happy raytracing, everyone!

Top Reasons Why “Bitcoin Cash” is just another “shitcoin”.

“BitCoin Cash” is here.   BCC is just another alt-coin in a crowded field of other alt-coins.  It seems like 50 alt-coins pop up every day… so many that websites that dedicate their existence to indexing thousands of them have stopped caring about new ones.

Here are a few reasons why BCC, this ill-planned and weak protest,  might not ever survive.

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2016 USA Presidential Candidates Race to the Bottom

How did we end up with two, completely awful, bone-headed jerks running for President of the United States in 2016?  Is it a testament to how utterly stupid USA has become?  Is it a testament to our anger? Our bigotry? Our complete lack of empathy?  Or is it a system that is designed to be statistically aligned on the 50-yard line, to keep America divided. Continue reading “2016 USA Presidential Candidates Race to the Bottom”

9 Things to remember as a Noob 3D Engine Programmer

As a professional computer programmer, I’ve naturally always been fascinated by cutting edge technologies that generate 3D worlds from geometry.  In reality, however, the vast, vast majority of professionals in this business don’t ever get the opportunity to work in 3D. Over 50% of computer programmers are stuck building databases that amount to nothing more than designing forms for companies to fill out, while the minority of programmers actually get to do “real work” and most of that work doesn’t dive into 3D imaging or graphics. Furthermore, 3D-programming is demanding and changing constantly, historically making it only feasible to conquer if you are one of those few people who were fortunate enough to program full-time-3D on someone else’s dime. True reality is that you would probably need a whole team of people, including mathematicians, artists, and even building architects, to stay at the head of the pack. Continue reading “9 Things to remember as a Noob 3D Engine Programmer”