Comparing Delphi to VB is/was always a shallow comparison.

I understand that most programming jobs out there are databases and forms and submitting data and retrieving data etc. but I don’t understand why people always thought that Delphi was an answer to Visual Basic.

But,I’m sure I’m a “niche” market all in my own.  I have always considered Delphi to be the best alternative to C++, while VB was always just some lame archaic toy. I wish the developers of the Delphi language would pay a bit more attention to the guys who really want to write fast, hardcore, stuff in Object Pascal (the 64-bit compiler basically performs ZERO optimizations).  There used to be marketing ads out there that bore the slogan “The Speed of C++ with the ease of VB” or something along those lines.  I think that is a good way to look at Delphi’s role in the world, if it can possibly keep up. Continue reading “Comparing Delphi to VB is/was always a shallow comparison.”