Save the Princess! My Story, as a Gaslighting Victim

Look I’m computer nerd, not a Jonny Quarterback. Love doesn’t come my way often. Therefore, I am embarrassed to admit that I am an easy victim of Gaslighting. And it is very horrible because I very much love every inch of this person to this day. So I’m going to tell a difficult long story‚Ķ but it is just a tiny piece covering about 3 months of a 10-year story.

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Chia Farming Pools now Available

Chia “farmers” have been impatiently awaiting a pooling protocol, so much so that they have risked using unsafe and insecure software in order to cheaply hack together pools. Now they have an “official” protocol which is much more secure. Join a pool with the “official” pool protocol at . If you already know what to do, just point your farmer to to get started.

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