Donald Trump is no Jesse Ventura

People like to put Jesse Ventura and Donald Trump in the same category. They both have affiliations with the entertainment industry, including the production of “Pro Wrestling”. They both were insurgent candidates who shook up the political party system… but speaking as someone who actually voted for Jesse Ventura (and did not regret doing so)… let me tell you, Donald Trump is no Jesse Ventura.

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The Real Reasons why you should Avoid AMD CPUs at any cost.

AMD has been selling us 99% Intel-Compatible chips for as almost as long as I can remember. It was in the mid-late 90’s when Intel compatible motherboards started including ZIF Sockets, making it easy for customers to insert, remove, and swap CPU chips attached to their motherboards. But have Intel clones been a good choice over the years? Are they a good choice now? Let’s ponder.

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RadStudio/Delphi 10.4.1 Released without a Big Fat Apology Letter Attached

I was going through my spam email, and came across a typical spam from Embarcadero that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Instead of releasing 10.4.1 hot on the heels of the horribly failed Rad Studio 10.4, Embarcadero is trying to “sell” it to customers who don’t have a support/upgrade agreement in place.

This is just sick and wrong.

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Living With Ass Pain, A ClickHouse Story

ClickHouse offers a friendly, unassuming, first impression. With it’s compatibility with MYSQL’s wire protocol, many may think that it should be easy to integrate with your existing system. With it’s promises of speed, it may seem like like a compelling option for your database application.

However, doing even the most simple thing in ClickHouse becomes a mess incredibly quickly, and the speed advantages often come at the cost of data accuracy. Programmers are often left out in the cold to design/redesign systems specifically to play nice with ClickHouse, which operates on a paradigm that relatively few are familiar with.

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Geforce RTX 3090, and the Optimism of a Disgruntled Consumer.

With the nVidia Geforce 3090 release just around the corner, I gotta be honest… I, and a lot of people, felt pretty ripped off about the 2000 series GPUs. A very privileged few could actually afford the 2080ti, which was the only card that came close to delivering acceptable performance in RTX-enabled games at high resolutions. Will I bend over and accept the $1600 cost of upgrading to a Geforce RTX 3090 when it launches Sept 24, 2020? Let us ponder…

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