Chia Farming Pools now Available

Chia “farmers” have been impatiently awaiting a pooling protocol, so much so that they have risked using unsafe and insecure software in order to cheaply hack together pools. Now they have an “official” protocol which is much more secure. Join a pool with the “official” pool protocol at . If you already know what to do, just point your farmer to to get started.

The bummer news is that it requires everyone to replot and burn-up their SSDs in order to take advantage of it. Luckily a few advancements have happened recently that reduces the stress on SSDs. A key advancement is the “MadMax” plotter, which takes advantage of more threads and with a decent amount of RAM, can use a RAM disk of <128GB to reduce stress on your SSDs. Some people are plotting in 20 minutes or so, however, my best is about 60 minutes. Still… this is far cry from the 10-hour plot times I was dealing with before.

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