Corrupt News Outlets trying to rewrite history, claiming Clinton as Winner of Democratic Debate

The corruption of power and money is evident when you look at shameful articles like this one from CNN.  It seems that there are a lot like them.

Despite the fact that the measurable data out there indicates that Bernie Sanders completely obliterated Hillary Clinton in the debate, you can find many establishment News articles out there trying to quietly sweep his victory under the rug and rewrite history.

This supposedly reputable news outlet is offering political opinion as-if it is FACT. It declares a “winner” of the first Democratic Presidential Debate without sighting a single iota of actual evidence… there are no poll numbers, no measurements of how the debate actually swayed the opinions of voters… there’s literally NO SUBSTANCE what-so-ever in this article.

For a major news organization to write an article like this is utterly shameful. There is a SCIENTIFIC way to determine who won a debate. The way you do it is as follows: You take a survey of a group of people before the debate, then survey those same group of people AFTER the debate and see how opinion is swayed by it. In fact, this approach was USED by CNN immediately following the debate, but evidence of it was quickly swept under the rug when it was determined that practically ALL of the Hillary Clinton supporters polled were LOST as a result of Sanders’s stellar honesty, vision, and presidential posture. This article basically declares a winner with no reference to any kind of data.

But what’s worse is that the polls that DO exist out there seem to indicate that the opinion offered up by this article is completely opposite of what ACTUALLY HAPPENED as a result of the debate, which is that Clinton got completely crushed by Bernie Sanders in the most embarrassing way possible. If you look around at the polls available on the internet, NBC, The Telegraph, Politico, etc. etc. etc. virtually EVERY single poll shows OVERWHELMING support for Sanders despite her big money backing and ability to buy expensive ads and shady political SuperPACs… Sanders completely embarrassed her up there. Most of the polls you can find on the internet show Sanders winning by 3:1 or MORE . Even if those polls aren’t truly scientific, they show a trend that is completely lopsided to what CNN is saying. I think someone has bought the media, or the media has bought her. It’s like CNN wants to erase the debate from history by reducing it to a few sound bytes and opinions… and the saddest part is that CNN kinda has the power to rewrite history… all they have to do is ignore the real facts, the real polls, and posthumously declare her the winner in every 24-hour news cycle.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the polls I have found around the internet. Even if these aren’t scientific polls, they clearly show that the trend indicates that Hillary Clinton did not “win” the debate. In fact the only poll I could find that gave Hillary Clinton a slight edge, scored her in “points” as-if she were in a run-off election.

Source Sanders Clinton Webb O’Malley Chafee
NBC 10,000 2,400 466 464 113
Time 55% 11% 32% 2% 1% 68% 13% 2% 1% 1% 70% 17% 4% 3% 1%
US News 82% 12% 1% 2% 0%

I also found this chart from Google:
151014-datadebate-graphic.09.25 AM

There’s simply no way a reputable news site should be writing big headlines claiming that “Hillary Clinton won the Debate”. There’s just simply no evidence to back that up, at all.

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