Top Reasons Why “Bitcoin Cash” is just another “shitcoin”.

“BitCoin Cash” is here.   BCC is just another alt-coin in a crowded field of other alt-coins.  It seems like 50 alt-coins pop up every day… so many that websites that dedicate their existence to indexing thousands of them have stopped caring about new ones.

Here are a few reasons why BCC, this ill-planned and weak protest,  might not ever survive.

  1. There are no real transactions, hours into its existence.
  2. There are no “core” wallets maintaining the blockchain.
  3. Major search engines don’t seem to point to reputable info.
  4. They couldn’t even get a unique suggested symbol. “BCC” was already taken by more than one coin.  Bitconnect (BCC), trades at a reputable $56.28, and Bitcoin Core (BCC) is a recognized chain split on the CryptoCompare WebSite.   Google searches for BCC don’t even put “Bitcoin Cash” as a top search result.
  5. BCC Won’t be recognized at any retailer, ATM machine, exchange, or bitcoin-backed debt cards without potentially years of development and evangelism.
  6. The bulk of the interest in BCC is from people who want to dump their free money off the side-chain, presumably into BTC on the main chain.

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